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Best Instagram Story Downloader in HD Quality

You all know that Instagram is one famous social media software that is popular among online social networks due to its users all over the world. Instagram provides us with many types of content such as Instagram videos, reels, photos, profile pictures, etc. But one of them is a story as known as Instagram Stories and which is also called Instagram story downloader. We hear stories from childhood but in this age of modern digital and social media, where people now share stories in the form of pictures and videos on social media platforms and Instagram is one of them! It is true that we all see and share Instagram stories of many users like our friends, fans, relatives, etc. all over the world.

But sometimes you like one of these Instagram stories and want to save it in your mobile or device gallery. So Instagram definitely doesn’t allow you to download Instagram stories from its app. So you people don’t worry! Now IReelit Instagram story downloader solves this problem for you, you can save Instagram stories online using the Instagram story downloader page.

So all you guys need to do is copy the story link and paste it into the input box of IReelit Instagram Story Download online link and press the download button. And the Instagram story save on your mobile in full HD quality. Moreover, you can also use Instagram Story Viewer to view Instagram Stories and Highlights anonymously.

IG story download
Instagram stories downloader

What is Instagram Story Viewer?

Our website Instagram Story Viewer provides online services to all its users to view IG stories anonymously. By using which you can watch Instagram stories without an account or logging in. So all you have to do is write the name of the user whose stories you want to see. Use the IReelit Instagram Story Viewer to learn more!

How to Instagram Story Download Anonymously?

So now the Insta story you want to save can be a video or a photo, that’s why you can watch and download any story you want on our site. So this is explained to you below!

Open Instagram Story

Instagram story size
IG Story Open

First, open Instagram, then open the IG story you want to save and click on the Three Dots on the top right.

Copy URL Link

Instagram story ideas
Copy Story Link

Then press the copy link option in the list that opens and copy the Instagram story link.

Download IG Story

IG Story views
Download IG Story

And then finally paste the link in the input box of IReelit Instagram story downloader and click on the download button the Insta story will be saved on your mobile in full HD quality.

How to Download IG Story on iPhone? (Insta Saver)

Here are the steps you need to follow to download Instagram Stories.

  • First of all open Instagram account on your iPhone or an iOS Device.
  • Then open the Instagram stories you want to download and click on the three dots above.
  • So, after clicking, click on copy link option in the list and copy the URL link of Instagram story.
  • Then, open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iOS device and paste link in the input box of IReelit Instagram Story Downloader.
  • And finally, after pasting the link, click on the download button and save IG story. Moreover, if you want the Instagram story to be saved in the camera roll of the device, click the share button and press on the option of Save video or image in the list, then IG story is saved in the camera roll.
IG stories anonymous
Insta story save iPhone Camera Roll

IG Story Downloader: How Does Show Our Stories? ( Multiple Insta Stories)

IG story caption
IG stories 24 hours

Most importantly, you need to know how our IG Downloader works to save stories from Instagram. Because any account you want to save IG stories from has too many stories in a 24-hour.

IG stories online
Save Multiple Stories

So understand here that whenever you copy the link of your custom story, our tool will display all the Insta stories that are available on that account for the last 24 hours. Then after you copy the link into the box follow these steps to save the desired story.

  • First of all, after copying the link, scroll your finger between the Instagram stories that appear in front and keep in mind that all more than five stories uploaded in 24 hours will appear on the bottom page.
  • Then select your favorite story.
  • click the button below the story to view or save the story.

How Do I Save Instagram Story to a Computer?

Follow these steps to view and save your Instagram story anonymously on a PC.

Instagram story viewer free
Copy Story Link
  • First, open Instagram on your computer and copy the link of the story you want to download
  • After that paste the link in the box of (IReelit) Instagram story downloader site.
  • Then after pasting all the stories will be shown in front.
  • And finally, click on the download button below the story you want to download and it will be saved in the download folder on your computer.

Unique Features of IG Story Downloader

Download Unlimited

As you can save many stories using our IReelit Insta story downloader. Now you just need to copy and paste the link and the story will be saved. There is no limit

Full HD Quality

Through our online Instagram story downloader, you can download IG highlights and stories in Full HD 3GP, MP4, 720p, and 1080p quality, JPG, and PNG.

Completely Free

The most important thing is that you don’t have to give any credit card or banking details etc to use this site, you can use it completely free.

Easy to Use

Our IReelit Instagram online Story Downloader Tool is very easy to use as we have designed its interface user-friendly so all you have to do is copy URL link of your favorite story and paste it into the box. IG story will be saved.

Multiple Stories Download

You people can save numerous stories at one time using this website Online Instagram story downloader because when you paste the link, all the Ig stories uploaded in 24 hours will be shown then download as many as you want.

No Need To Login

Moreover, you don’t need any app or account login or signup to save Insta stories from this site you are free from all these.

How Can We View Insta Story Privately?

Follow these steps from our website IG Downloaders to view Instagram Story Viewer anonymously!

  • Go to the browser and write the username on our website IReelit and press the “view” button.
  • Then all the stories and highlights will appear in front.
  • So now you guys can easily view Instagram stories and highlights anonymously but if you want to save them, press the download button below the story.

How Do I Save Instagram Stories with a Username?

Follow these steps to save Insta Story with a username.

  • If you want to story save online of your choice, write the username in the input box.
  • Then all the stories will be displayed.
  • And finally, click on the download button for the story or highlights you want to download.

FAQS About IG Story Saver

Yes, absolutely you can use our IReelit Instagram story saver link on every device Android Mobile, iPhone, Tablet, PC, MacBook, iPad, etc.

Of course yes you can use it completely free.

Yes, absolutely Insta Story Downloader is safe in every way as we do not store any store data on our server for more than 24 hours.

Yes, absolutely no doubt about it Insta Story Saver online works 100% every time.

Yes, you can save stories in full HD 1080p quality so using IG story downloader.

So you can download stories in JPG and PNG formats from iReelit Insta Story Saver HD Quality.

Absolutely no you can never do that because it’s all because of Instagram rules.

Of course yes you can save stories and highlights from our IG story downloader in full size 1080 x1920.

Yes, it is legal but if you are using it for yourself then it is ok so if you are doing it for your business, etc then it is wrong.

Absolutely no you can’t download any private account story.