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What is an Instagram Photo Download

Instagram is a popular platform that is followed and used by millions of people every day. It has an estimated two billion users worldwide who like and share their thoughts on it, while some users also Instagram post photos. etc. Since it is human nature they share their thoughts and feelings with other people, and every time they take a new or good picture, they post it to Instagram. That Millions of people like it. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms in terms of sharing photos. Here you can see your uploaded photos and see photos posted by your Instagram followers, Influencers, friends, relatives, cousins, etc. But some of them are heartful, beautiful and memorable photos. which we want to save on mobiles or any device. But Instagram doesn’t allow us to do that.

So keeping this in mind we have developed a fast and high-quality Instagram photo downloader tool for you like IG Video Downloader. Using the IReelit online web tool is very easy. We have always solved your Instagram downloading problems with the help of this web tool. Now people’s worries are over. So now you can Download Instagram posts in high quality and format, as well as make use of its user-friendly interface. Finally, the most significant thing is that it Instagram photo downloader service is completely free

Instagram photo download HD
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How to Download Instagram Photos HD on Android Device?

Download Instagram Photo in this way:

Instagram image download
Copy the Post link

First, you have to login Instagram account and click on the 3 Dots of the image you want to download, and Copy the photo link.

Instagram photo Size
Paste the Link

Then you have to paste the copied link in the box of IReeit Photo Downloader and click on the download button.

Instagram photo viewer
Download IG photo HD

So after pressing the download button the image you want to save in your mobile gallery will be Downloaded.

How do I save photos from Instagram to my mobile gallery?

Instagram photo viewer
Save IG Photo Gallery

Hence the beauty of our developed tool is that whatever IG images you download will be automatically saved to Mobile Gallery. So if you are an iPhone user then you have to save. The procedure is given below:

How do we save IG photos on our PC or Laptop?

Save IG photos on pc, desktop, or laptop in this way:

Instagram photo size ratio
Copy IG image link

First, log in to your Instagram account on your PC or laptop, then click on the 3 dots on the photo you want to save and copy its link.

Instagram image search
paste and download the photo

Then you have to paste the link in the download box of IReelIt Web on your computer or MacBook. So click on the download image button to save it and you will find it in the download folder to view it. Moreover, by using this website IG image downloader online you can view and download Instagram photos full size.

Instagram photo size ratio
Save IG photo iPhone

How can I save this Instagram image in iPhone 2023?

Save and Download Instagram images iPhone Camera Roll in this way:

Hence using Instagram photo downloader online on iPhone, you just need to copy and paste the link and hold your finger on the photo to save it to the camera roll. Then Click Add to Photos option. Will be safe.

How to Download Multiple IG Photos at Once Free?

One of the special features of IReelit Online Instagram Photo Downloader is that you can download all Instagram photos at once using it. So all you have to do is copy and paste the post link into the box. All the images will be shown as soon as you click on the download button. Then save them to your device.

Instagram carousel download
Instagram carousel HD

Features of IG Photo Downloader

You can download Instagram photos with excellent features easily!

High-Quality Download Images

So you can use our IReelIt website to download any photo of your friends, cousins, etc. Also, save in full HD quality rather than take a screenshot.

Easy to Use

Our website is very easy to use. All you have to do is copy and paste the link, just save the photo

100% Free

The most important thing is that we use the IG image download service absolutely free. Overall, it does not require a bank account, credit card, etc., and does not require signing up to use it.

All Platform Support and Work

First of all, it doesn’t matter if you guys are using this site only on one device so you can use Instagram image downloader in any Android iPhone computer, etc.

Just Two Clicks

If you are using the IReelit website then you are in good luck because it is now very easy to use. So simply do two clicks and the image will be saved.

User-Friendly Interface

If you are looking for a site to save Instagram photos where you don’t have to face any problems and download the image easily then you should use this site which is user-friendly.

Highly Speed Download

Finally, your wait is over now you don’t have to wait to download Instagram content from IReellit. Now as soon as you press the download button, the content will be saved on your device.

Unlimited Photos Download

There is no limit to downloading Instagram pics for you guys using this IG tool of ours. So open Instagram and save as many posts as you want.

Instagram Carousel Download

After all, now your worries are over forever we have prepared an Instagram Carousel Downloader web tool. Hence, using which you can save all the images in a single post in HD quality.

FAQS About IG Photo Downloader

Yes of course we can save all photos at once using Instagram Pic Downloader.

Yes, you can use it to save Instagram pic in HD quality, such as 3Gp, MP4, 720p, 1080p, and PNG or JPG files. Like you download Instagram video.

Yes, you can save photos from any private Instagram account using IReelit Instagram Photos Downloader. So go to our private Instagram photo downloader if you want to.

Yes, of course, we can download Instagram reels, IG stories, Insta profile pictures, and Instagram highlights from this website.

Surely this website is completely free and you don’t have to use any payment method to use it.

No app is required to use an IG pic downloader.

Yes, you can use it easily. You have to do is copy the post link and paste it into the box.

Yes of course it is legal as long as you don’t use the images you are saving for your business. So use the downloaded image only for your personal use.