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Nowadays as you guys know that Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world. Moreover, it is used and loved by millions of people around the world. Instagram has added some updated content like Instagram highlights viewer, Stories, IG Reels, etc, to delight its viewers. Surely Instagram highlights (downloaders) are the most interesting content on Instagram. Furthermore, with Instagram Highlights, we can share our memorable photos and posts with our fans and friends online for a lifetime. Of course, is an amazing and great way to share IG highlights cover online. Although Instagram stories and IG highlights are the same, the difference is that stories on Instagram are visible for 24 hours, while Instagram highlights go beyond that. And you can see it as long as you want to see it and publish it on your Instagram profile.

So you people must be thinking that how can we see and upload Instagram highlights. So don’t worry, you can see your IG highlights below your IG profile bio, and they are uploaded just like stories. Also, Just as you people often see your fans, friends, and relatives Instagram highlights. So you know many of these Instagram highlights are amazingly inspiring and exciting which we want to save but Instagram doesn’t allow us to do so or direct to the mobile gallery.

So keeping all these things in mind we have solved this problem for you guys forever! Finally, we have developed the IReelit Instagram Highlights Downloader online tool using which you guys can save Insta highlights for free and in the fastest way. So we understand your feelings and know that memories are important for everyone and a part of our life. Therefore, we save our favorite memories every time.

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Instagram highlights download
Instagram Highlights Downloader

How to Download IG Highlights?

Download Instagram Highlights downloader in this way!

Open Instagram

Instagram highlights icons
IG Highlights Open

First, open your Instagram account then open the highlights you want to save.

Click Three Dots on Highlights

Instagram highlights name
Click on three Dots

After that, click on the 3 Dots in the top right corner of the highlights you have opened.

Copy Highlights URL Link

Instagram highlight cover black
Press the Copy Highlight link

Then after you click on the three dots at the end, press on the Copy Highlights option below and copy the URL link. After that go to the box of iReelit Instagram highlights downloader and paste then click on the search button and download in full HD quality. That too completely free and at the fastest speed

How to Save IG Highlights iOS Device? (iPhone)

Save highlights on iPhone or iOS Devices by following these Steps!

  • First, log in to your Instagram account on your iPhone.
  • Then open the Insta highlights you want to download and click on the three dots and copy the link.
  • After that, go to Safari and search ireelit Instagram highlights downloader after opening it, paste the link in the box and click on the search button.
  • Finally, after clicking on the search button, those highlights will be shown in front of you. So then download it for free full HD quality and enjoy.
download Instagram highlights free
IG highlights iOS

Unique Features of Instagram Highlights Downloader

Save Instagram Highlights with excellent features by downloading and saving them!

Free To Use

Also, you people can use our online Insta highlights service completely free. Moreover, you don’t have to provide any bank details, etc. to use

100% Safe

What’s more, you don’t have to worry, our Insta highlights Save service is completely safe from plugins, malware, and UX.

Update Frequently

Then most importantly, our IG Downloader service is completely stable and frequently updated.

All Device Support

Of course, you people can use our IReelIt Instagram Highlights Download for every device like Android, iPhone, PC, Tablet, MacBook, etc.

No Need Account Login

So you can freely use our Instagram highlights site in every way because you don’t need to sign up for an account or log in to use it.

High Quality and Formats

And the most important thing is that you can use the IReelit Insta Highlights tool to save IG highlights and also Instagram videos, stories, and IG Carousel in Full HD quality and JPG and PNG formats.

FAQS About IG Highlights

Most of the time you want to save IG stories, reels, photos, videos, etc. that you have already published on your IG account, and one or more of them you have highlighted as a story and later want to save to your Mobile, PC, iPhone, etc. But sometimes you like the Instagram-highlighted stories of your fans and friends which you don’t know how to download.

So what many people do is take screenshots, but this way the quality of the images decreases. So keeping this in mind we have developed the IReelit Online Instagram Highlights web tool so that you can easily save complete Instagram highlights on your computer, mobile, iPhone, laptop, tablet, or iPad without any difficulty. Moreover, this web tool is completely free and you don’t even need an account or application.

To use this site can save all the highlights images etc JPG and PNG formats so which is the most popular format nowadays.

Yes, absolutely no doubt you can watch saved photos, highlights, and videos from IReelit after downloading.

Of course, you can use Instagram highlights online for absolutely free.

Clearly, yes you can download and save both using IG Highlights Saver.

Of course, you people can use it to save countless highlights without any hassle.